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  • Looking for regional directors to own a region for animal and program updates. 
  • Looking for volunteers for to help go by region thru petfinder and petharbor , to post  schnauzers and mixes on the website.(not facebook)

I need people to help list all schnauzers and mixes, and mislabeled schnauzers on the forum on the website (not facebook).

When there are several volunteers each volunteer will be assigned a list of shelters to post from  so that no dogs are duplicated. Once the weekly threads are complete a mailer will go out to the regional rescues. 

I can't do all the regions ALONE!  I normally end up focusing on the regions around CA,GA and IN. It takes me about an 1-2 hours to do each region thoroughly .


Why we post
We post to create an easy access list of all the schnauzers and mixes that are in kill shelters in each region, rescues don't have time to search out dogs that need help so an easy to read list does help out. Also this helps networking the dogs who may otherwise be overlooked. Even If the groups that are emailed can't help due to space they often have a approved extended network of people who can .
Always keep in mind that they are doing the best they can to help as many as they can. 

The mailer to the local groups , is sent out  in an organized fashion, no panicked emails. We want  to form a good relationship with the Regional groups. There is enough stress without adding panic and rescues already know that there is always a risk of euth. 

If we can grow the site a bit I may switch to one thread per animal if we get into helping with transports and overnight fostering. But for now the focus is just find and report just the schnauzers in kill shelters, and educating the public..

How To Post

  • I go thru every pet in a shelter. 
  • Look for breed identifiers.
    • Read  "diamonds in the rough" for  reference.
    • also the mutts and mixes page to help identify schnauzer or mostly schnauzer mix. 
  • There are  two links needed per animal posted. 
    • A picture if present
    • The link back to the dogs listing
  • Only post the facts you are presented in the animals listing. 
    • If you believe the breed is misidentified you can place a note next to the shelters breed guess
    • leave the shelters guess there for identification purposes 
    • No emails or posts   from this site  are to be "embellished" with urgent pleas.
    • It is assumed that all dogs in kill shelters are urgent and it doesn't need to be stated to a rescue. 
  • Rinse and Repeat 
Example Post:
yellow: the name is a link ,to post links on the forum use this code format: 
real example:
Green: The title of the petfinder listing as is .
Image: to post an image : use this code
[img] image.png[/img]
real example:[img][/img]
This only works with files that end in .png,.bmp,,and .gif
petharbor images cannot be right clicked copied and posted.
they must be downloaded first and hosted elsewhere or not used

 Pink: copy the text provided in the listing.

 Blue: Make sure to list the shelters contact information

Please contact: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. if you wish to sign up as a volunteer or  regional director.