Thursday, May 24, 2018

Thank YOU!

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Special Thank Yous go out to the following people and organizations

 who have helped me put this site together.


Linda Pinault : formerly  Schnauzer Rescue of the South East, as couple we adopted our first schnauzer Zoe from her.  Because of Linda's  guidance I became more involved in Rescue. Latter that year we Adopted Fritz because schnauzers go great in pairs.


 Zoe Gotcha day                                                   Zoe and Fritz 


Thank you to my Friends from the Petfinder Forums and Facebook: For being their as a guide when I was first starting out and being supporting thru all the fun new experiences fostering and transports bring  and for sharing your wisdom so that it can be passed down to the next generation of rescuers. 


Savannah Humane Society : For giving me my first real taste of fostering special needs . She was a small, Heart-worm positive Beagle, who had just been dumped with a large litter of lab mixed puppies. 

 Schnauzer Love Rescue: For teaching me a lot as a foster mom.

Karen Brittan of  Britmor Miniature Schnauzers and Jacque Barrick  for patiently answering my questions on breed and color history research. Those sections will always be works in progress but they should be accurate as far as current information. 

My husband Matthew Conley for introducing me to this wonderful breed. Putting up with my idiosyncrasies, my co-pilot on transports , putting up with surprise fosters , and being my shoulder to cry on when things don't work out. 

My three dogs Zoe , Austin , and Fritz who  give unconditional love, and make everyday  interesting .


and finally 


in Loving Memory of

Alex "The Colonel" Conley. 

Alex was my husbands Heart dog, and the first Mini I had really met.