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Zoe Conley was Born the 18th of November 2002, and Passed January 17th  2016.





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With great regret I inform you  that on Friday June 28th 2013 at 9:54 AM

we had to let Fritz cross the Bridge.

He will always be loved .


Fritz is a 17 year old Rescue, My sweet teddy bear boy .  

When Fritz was 14 years old we found his original owners granddaughter in Savannah GA and got the rest of his back story. His original name was Casey, and he adopted from a Schnauzer rescue in the Carolina's as a puppy in 1996. He lived with an older couple for many years with a salt and pepper playmate. in 2004 when his Original Owner passed away he and his sibling escaped the fence during the Funeral and he ended up in Savannah Animal Control. We adopted him into the Conley Family as "Barney" in fall of 2004 from Save-A-Life Savannah, and Changed his name to Fritz.


Back in 2004  I found myself , in a bad place. I was lost wandering cold. Then I got myself picked up by the Fuzz. Yep,ended up in a kennel with a bunch of other rejects. I was over grown a little Matted I hardly looked my best, Heck they thought I was a Poodle!  My coat was in such bad shape. I was  just sitting there waiting for my number to come up.  When the day came I was put on death row and I knew it was my last chance. Thankfully  I was spared , a nice lady named Robin saw me and whisked me away from the shelter.


The next thing I know I got a quick brush and a bath and bandanna that said “ADOPT ME” on it. We took a trip with a bunch of other dogs to a fancy Island, there was a really nice Park, and  little pool to chill my Paws.

 It was here I met Zoe and Matthew.  Zoe had brought her dad to the park that day for some socialization, there was a dog carnival going on. As she tells it she gets lonely being home when her people have to work. Matt and Mary were starting to look around for a Friend for her . Well we hit it off , and Matt sent a picture of me to his wife. Then they started the adoption process.

A few short days latter, I was poked prodded, shot up, neutered, and found myself at the local Pet-smart. What a surprise , and a relief, to see Matt and Mary again!  They signed some papers and the Robin lady gave me a big hug and I was off to start my new life.

And so our life with Fritz began.

At pet smart we picked up a few things a collar and tag.on our way home we stopped by the local humane society, and sadly I wasn't done getting stick with things. Before I even saw my new house I was implanted with a microchip. Mary told me a story about how a few months prior , they had a very bad “dog sitter“ who had left the door open and how Zoe had walked out and got lost.  She said now all her new furry family members get chips , and that it would only hurt for a minute, and if I even got lost  this would help get me home.


One that was done with.. first my balls now this .…. we finally got home. Zoe was very excited to see me .But I wasn't done YET! Mary put me up on the table in all my fuzzy glory, and grabbed a pair of shears and said “OK, Now lets find that schnauzer under all that mess!”


About 20 minutes latter I emerged a new dog.  The rest of the night consisted of Fetch my all time favorite activity, and lots of cuddling.

His First night home got him a proper schnauzer groom, and a game of indoor fetch.

He settled in great with Zoe and soon was happy to enjoy the dog park near "grandpas house". Fritz favorite pastime is Fetch and will play like a pro.



Fritz traveled with us on many Vacations, moves and has lived in three different states, and driven across the United State four times in his long life.

in the Penske truck on his way to California

Fritz has walked down Venice beach, Partied under the Hollywood Sign, Stayed over at several Post Production studios keeping me company during night shifts. Fritz worked on Titanic, GI Joe, Transformers , and Avengers.

He has Hiked the West Hills,

Inspected Sea creatures in Savannah GA. Fritz has been to Lake Michigan, the Hudson River, New York City, Down Town Atlanta , The Alamo, Las Vegas, Nashville, Raleigh, Charleston, New Orleans ,

and Colorado to meet some Friends( mostly squishy faced ones ) .



The past few years he has started to slow down and their have been a few extra trips to the vet to monitor him. He was always well behaved if not a bit of a show off for his Vets in California.


Fritz moved to Indiana last June, and has been enjoying the Autumn of his life here with us.

This in mid June something hit him hard and that last blood panel that was run showed a very bad UTI and signs of liver failure.

We have been nursing him as best we can over the week but today I fear it's near time. His next check up will be Friday 28th.

As Autumn is turning to winter for Fritz , we are sad to see his time is quickly coming to a close. But take joy in knowing that we gave him the best life possible.

On Friday Morning June 28th we knew it was Fritz Time to go. he had been rapidly declining since Wednesday evening and had begun to Jaundice(turn yellow) all over from Liver and kidney failure the night before. Fritz was held and petted by myself and Matthew and petted until he finally left us. and has been buried in a nice place in the yard under a Flowering mimosa tree.


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