Thursday, May 24, 2018

Keeping your Dog

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Category: Schnauzer Help

The First thing you should do before taking your dog to a shelter or attempting to re-home it is ask your self why ?


Top 5 reasons animals end up in shelters.


If you are moving

The moving excuse is the worse excuse. 

You CAN take your pets with you even to other countries. Austin is from Taiwan. Austin  traveled all the way to the United States, 12 hours on a plane  in a crate with a very senior Maltese  from The Republic of China.  He lost his (very novice) foster home his first night due to a flea panic . Then ended up being taken in by me,  staying as my first failed foster.

He has traversed the country not once but , FOUR times between Los Angeles and Savannah GA, back to  Los Angeles, then  to Indiana , back to Los angeles and on June 17th 2012 , we are going back to Indiana.

You can EASILY take them with you to other states or a new home.

You had your pet before you had to move, it is wholly irresponsible to not take the time to look for pet friendly housing.

Please remember : 50% of all dogs die in shelters, 50% of all animals re-homed end up back in shelters, and that "free" animals often get neglected, re-homed, or sold into research or as bait dogs.

see the moving resources page:  here

see free to good home :here



I'm Pregnant, New baby. 

This is a bad reason to just dump pets. You have 8-9 months from the time you find out you are expecting to prepare your dogs for a new baby. Try to work with your animal first and never leave dog and baby unattended.

From Ceaser Milan

Focus on leadershipNine months is more than enough to time to work through most issues and establish yourself as the unwavering pack leader. Smooth out any small problems you may be having. Break her of unwanted habits. If necessary, hire a professional to work with you. You will appreciate the work you put in now when you bring your newborn home to a calm, well-behaved dog.

Be aware of your energy. A pregnancy affects the entire household. You may feel excited, anxious, or worried. Remember, your dog will mirror your emotions........"


Also this may NOT be the best time to look for a new puppy/dog. Remember Pets are for a lifetime, and you should not get a pet you cannot commit 15-20 years too.


Resources :


Medical Issues

Fritz 16 years old at the Vet getting some Lumps checked out.

Take your dog to a vet  anytime something is wrong or there is a sudden behavior change, frequent urination, new marking behavior, limping, swellings, animal is grumpy, snappy, it may mean it is in pain.
I had a cat that was always just mean and sullen do not be afraid to get a second opinion from a specialist, the first vet that was amazing with my dogs, didn't catch the issue with my cat. The cat specialist I took her to latter was able diagnose that she needed three molars pulled .
By the way she is no longer mean or sullen and is actually a wonderful happy,( if not weird) cat.

If you cannot afford vet care on your own,

  1. Find a vet and set up a payment plan
  2. Apply for care credit 
  3. Run a chip-in online to ask for donations,
  4. Ask local rescue or humane groups if they know a discount vet. 


Behavioral: Barking, anxiety , destructive, not house trained.

what did you learn?  put up the trash or crate the dog before leaving...

If the reason is a behavioral or a training issue you may not need to give up your dog.

Also ask yourself , did I allow for this to happen?

The picture to the right is less Fritz fault then it is MY fault for leaving a very tempting garbage bag out, and neglecting to crate him.

Oops my dog peed on the carpet, oh yeah, I forgot to walk him this morning.

Take the dog to a behaviorist, most can do a behavioral evaluation for a nominal fee and classes are better then risking your dogs death. 

 Please check out the following links for ideas and information on training, and behavior treatments.

N.I.L.F.  nothing in life is free, pack rules for people

Sometimes life doesn't workout and the shelter or re-homing may be the only option.

Death or Severe Illness

A Schnauzer rescue I help out with just took in a sweet senior who was dropped off at the shelter with his doggie bed and a few toys. It seems cruel that he would just be let go like that , but we found out that his person was a very elderly women who was being transferred to Hospice and could no longer care for her beloved pet and had no family who could take him.

If you get a dog please make a plan, my husband and I have a schnauzer rescue written into our will if something happens to us , the dogs are bequeathed  to rescue  with a decent monetary donation.