Thursday, May 24, 2018

Adventures in moving.

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This tale will hopefully let those who are moving with dogs see that it's not impossible,  yes sometimes it is hard.  It did take us a month to find the right place, and that was partially my fault because we had to wait for a bonus check to come in and I miss timed it.

Just remember there are other options then the shelter, sure for a month we had to couch surf, stayed in motels, toured a few boarding facilities, and  had to split the animals up between friends, but in the end it all worked out for the best.  I encourage you to stick it out . Remember it's your responsibility to make sure your whole family makes it to your next destination.


July 29th 2011

Matts dad passed away in June , so  our little family is all back together again and in CA.

That in and of itself isn't a bad thing. Zoe and Fritz provided much needed companionship for John between the times Matt traveled from Savannah to Los Angeles,  honestly we think they did more to watch him then he them. But now that we are all together again it's time to look for a bigger place.


This is proving to be , as usual, an adventure and a frustrating one at that.

I have 2 requirements this move. Just 2 really. 

  1. must have off street parking for 2 cars
  2. must allow all our pets.


The thing I hate to hear the most is when you get a person on the phone and ,just to put it out there, if you don't allow more then 2 animals  thats fine , thats the reason I ask the question up front.

The landlord now  has  two  logical responses  to me once you state that their is a maximum:

they could  say


A: sorry , but good luck on your search

B: not this rental, BUT I might have something else that would allow all your pets..



The answer that I DO NOT WANT TO HEAR, and will ONLY make me angry  because it is one that should NEVER be said to someone who is looking for an apartment :


"so, which dog you getting rid of?"




My response if I can keep it together is going to either be:


A: Sorry, but I just can't break up the family

B: **CLICK**


I once had a perspective landlord keep me on the phone for nearly 20 minutes telling me how they don't except dogs. I wasn't fighting with him or disagreeing with him, I was trying to gracefully tell him" thanks, but i'll look elsewhere."   15 min of the conversation was: "well we used to allow dogs but they messed the place up"..As i'm trying to get him off the phone, he starts saying I should just drop them in a shelter so I can rent for him..


I stopped being nice to people after that.


Adds that really make me angry :


The Add states they allow pets ......but they don't.


I have had this happen twice, ads clearly says pets ok , then they tell you no animals when you go there. I had this happen with my Cat last year when only Stormy and I had moved to LA and Matt was still in Savannah with the dogs . I had been extra careful to check off cat friendly only on craigslist . I was furious when I spent half my day on public transit to go see this apartment only to  be told  "take it to a shelter"  or "we don't accept pets". Be proactive: Flag these ads and report them for false advertising to the advertisement site.


I'll live out of my car before giving the kids up.


Matts out there right now looking for more pet friendly places I've upped my initial rent max to make sure we can get into something, I fully understand we will have to put up a much larger deposit , I've resolved to that. So far the good leads we have are proving futile in many ways. But I refuse to give up hope that the right places isn't out there.  


August 3rd 2011


This last weekend (July 28th-August 4th) was defcon, a huge hacker/security convention in Las Vegas. We normally board our dogs close to the convention center when we go to this conferance.  

This section  could also be titled :

How it's cheaper to take a Vegas vacation then board your dogs in L.A. 

As usual Zoe and Fritz received better accommodations then we did.  Austin is staying in Tarzana with John and Emily. We left Zoe and Fritz  in a nice kennel that charges $245.00 a WEEK. In a good sized run with Air Conditioning, TV, a pool, and personal ball throwers , and of course left the dogs the comfy sleeping bag.  I used my beach towel for a blanket the rest of weekend  as we couch surfed between the RIO, and Alexis park hotels.

August 8th 2011

Tonight we stay motel 6 in Sylmar, and tomorrow we found a place to board Zoe and Fritz so Matt and I can couch surf. But man I hope we get things settled soon. It's not that much fun, although I am amazingly grateful for my friends as we do everything we can to protect the fuzzballs. At least no one is going to the pound.

September 1st 2011


ok after a month of searching and longish stint in Motel 6 (August 9th-30th) with some interspersed couch surfing and Zoe and Fritz back to the nice boarding facility for a second week. We finally moved in this weekend, I had to wait for a bonus check to come in but it was well received and covered all our costs .   We are atChatsworths pointe off Topanga  Canyon in West Hills (September). Since our family consists of 3 schnauzers we were happy to report that all 3 are welcome. It's been a long month but at least every one is together .. at least for now ..

On Friday shortly after we were approved for this place. Matt  got a phone call, from a business in Indiana . There is possibility that if he gets this job that i'll stay here for another year and he will go to IN with Zoe and Austin or at least Austin.


Fritz will stay with me because I like my CA vet and Fritz is getting on in years .

He has been slowing down a lot and is at that age where he would rather conserve energy unless he is chasing a ball. Walks have been frequently punctuated by stubborn stops , and he gets tired easier now. But all in all he is doing pretty good for somewhere around 16.


February 15th 2012

Visited Matt in Layfeyette IN, Austin has a chipped tooth. Will be flying him back to California to see my vet.

(virgin airlines : no health cert needed as long as pet appears healthy, all animals are flown in cabin, must be under 25lbs and able to fit in a soft pet carrier under the seat for the flight. cost as of Feb 2012, $120.00 total)


Moving forward to June of 2012, I'm currently gearing up to move Fritz and Austin (Who I took back to CA with me in February via Virgin America because he needs a teeth cleaning) to Indiana. Matt ended up moving out there with Zoe and Austin in October. Now that work has stabilized for him I'm ready to go join him.


June 6th 2012

We are about to start the next trip

packing list :P

1 cat- Stormy

UTD on shots. has paperwork handy

1-med airline crate

1-disposable turky pan for a litter box

1-med bath towel for a "bed"

food for a week.

Miniature Schnauzers - Austin,Fritz

UTD on shots. has paperwork handy

car seat cover, 

2 wire crates collapsed

dog beds ,blankets, bowls, food  and water

1 mouse - Whinny

secure 10 gal tank

water food wheel.

1 Honda Civic

cat, and dogs secure in back seat

mouse up front on floor out of the sun.


from  West Hill CA   to Bloomington IN

leaving June 17th 

It was an eventful trip we stayed most nights in Motel 6. and everyone arrived in Indiana on June 21st.