Thursday, May 24, 2018

Grooming Links

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schnauzer body typeGrooming Links

By Jenny Carnelison Holt

 from Facebook group Schnauzer Sharing & Pairing 

with a few Additions by Mary Conley

"God so loved a Schnauzer he gave it grooming instructions"

 Caroline Lindenberg

Not all our dogs are show dogs but with good grooming they can all look like show dogs


First off I'd like to get a Visual  baseline for a schnauzer groom by showing a good example, of a BAD example.

Introducing Zoe my AKC registered rescue dog who is off breed standard by her lankiness and Size. She is too tall and about 18 lbs, but we adore her for her quirkiness.  

What you are seeing is a  pet-clip groom I paid for. 

goodexample of a bad example

This groom is not horrendous, Considering she is not a show dog it's fine as a pet clip , but  it isn't perfect either.

What is wrong with it?

The start of the clip over her elbow is too high

The under skirt is  a hair too long underneath

The line that should  run from her elbow to just above her loin is actually too high on her Barrel , and is not consistent.

The end of the clip over the hock is too high.

What was most saddened me was after this groom my little baby came home with a hollow face. As the groomer removed all the hair from under her eyes, instead of just trimming up her cheeks.

She also had an  "^"  cut between her eyes . So instead of the "v" on her face between her eyes going from eye corner to eye corner, it pointed up towards her forehead.  

After this I went back to grooming the dogs myself.

goodexample of a bad example02

If you have awesome grooming photos you'd like to submit for Good  reference you can do so here:

socialschnauzers (at)

Pet grooming tips for the Miniature Schnauzer-

American Miniature Schnauzer Club- includes grooming chart


Karen Brittan @ Britmor has great grooming pages

General Grooming   

Hand Stripping  

Rolling the Coat   

Kate @ Minuteman also has great advice and technique's


Rolling the Coat  

Now on youtube but read above link 1st


Legacy  DVD 


grooming supplies stores & products:

Groomers Mall

Pet Edge

Sally Beauty

Shoe and Foot Care

Show Dog Store

Stripping Knives

Cherry Brook

Furgo Pet