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The cost of Rescue

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Many people complain about the cost of rescue groups or shelters adoption fees
but they don't tend to consider the amount of money and time the groups put into their fosters/animals  before they are ready to go to their new home.
The following is a comparison to how much  it actually costs to take on a new addition to your family and the offset  depending on where that animal came from and what special needs they may have had.


For a smaller dog (prices go up significantly as the size increases.)

How much money  the rescue puts into each dog.
There are 3 price scales to look at ,

The rare Low price scale:

low (ideal world):  $160.00

vet office visit :$45

wellness check:

(shots,fecal,HW test(negative),flea prevention, HW pill):$35

neuter :already done

no injury/healthy

volunteer groomer

low maintenance, donated groom..

toys $25

tags $5

collar/ leash $20.00

microchip:already chipped..

food $30mo

Then you get those slightly more hard case dogs,maybe it came from Animal control or was abused. These are more “normal “ costs and are what I usually end up paying out of pocket or the group i'm fostering for has to cover per dog taken in.  


Mid or average $275.00-$500.00


vet office visit:

wellness check :

(dogs has hookworm , slight case of kennel cough,

is underweight and needs a dental to save some teeth)



neuter :already done

kennel cough $35-$60

groomer $45-$60

general supplies $50

toys $25

tags $5-$10

collar/ leash$10-$35

  Microchip:already chipped..

food $30mo-$60.00

High costs ,  Hit by car ,or has some deformity , skin disease, possibly un-adoptable.  $2125.00  +++

vet office visit $45

wellness check :

(dog is not neutered , it tested HW 

positive, and has a fungal infection

and will need treatment )

surgery: nuter/spay/complications $500.00  

injured/sick: heart-worm treatment : $1200

groomer $50

(the groomer  finds sores and horrible matts under it's fur, shaves dog.

It will also need medicated shampoo, 

baths daily to help clear up fungus, and heal skin..)

is skittish and doesn't know


how to walk on a leash , buy a gentle leader,  $25

general supplies :

medicated shampoo: $25.00

vitamin supplements $60.00

toys $25

tags $5

collar/ leash $20

microchip:needs a microchip. $25.00

behavioral training/ rehab: $100

food :

Is allergic to grains and chicken needs special diet. $60mo



from craigslist... a Primer on the costs of rescue in Los Angeles . this applies every where in the country although fees do change from shelter to shelter . and most shelters that release "for free" do no vetting , and if your lucky will have given a DHPP shot.

I hope you are able to form your own rescue. Some things you should know about fees
before you start.

First of all I would like to know the name of one shelter that gives animals to rescue free of charge other than the San Bernardino Devore shelter. Of course this animal comes unaltered, no vaccines or micro chip, maybe a rabies if healthy.

LA City and LA County each with six shelter locations charges rescue a fee. LA City in the past, gave animals to rescue, no fee. These were animals that had been there too long, sick or injured. These were considered 'New Hope' animals for rescue. City still features New Hope Animals on their site but have not updated that these animals are no fee to rescue. This was changed a while back due to cutbacks in funding from the City Of LA. Can be verified by a phone call.

LA City - we now pay a fee and if the animal is not well enough to be altered we are
also charged a 'trust deposit' to insure the animal will be altered when healthy.
If the rescue address falls within their jurisdiction we also pay a license fee
(LA City shelters only).

Rescues are called upon daily to take animals the shelter staff deems to nice to be
euthanized. We have to make this call daily as to who comes in, where do we have
space for that animal and who is available to drive to get it and take to either a
boarding facility, 'minimum' fee $13 per day or if the animal is sick or injured,
it must go to a vet hospital for treatment in an isolation ward and this is not
inexpensive. The animal must be treated by the staff until deemed healthy
enough to leave and then wait until strong enough to undergo the alteration
of spay/neuter surgery.

We must keep track of who needs to be altered, who need vaccinations,
signed rabies and alteration certificates and microchips.

Average cost for these services $100, not including micro chip.
This is what may shelters charge us also if they have no facility for spay/neuter and have to send to a private veterinary hospital before they will release the animal to rescue.

Some animals stay with the rescue for months, figure that out at a 'minimum' of $13 a day for boarding. Try to find a facility that only charges $13 and will take an animal straight from the shelter. We are committed to every animal we take even if it takes a year to place in a home. We are also committed to take any animal back that we have placed in a home whether it be days, weeks or months for whatever the reason the animal has to be returned.

Yes there are a few animals that get placed quickly, younger and good looking ones. Rescue breaks even financially or has made a little profit on this animal. These are the exceptions. No rescue survives on adoption fees. Rescues survive from donations from supporters who believe in their mission and efforts in saving these animals. They know we are the last hope for most of the animals that would be euthanized simply due to lack of space.

I would be glad to furnish the phone nos. of any of the shelters in So. Calif.
where you can find out the fees for rescues. I have access to them all as our rescue
communicates daily with them.

Remember too, all rescues rely solely on volunteers with no paid help.

Most rescues have a tax exemption from the state, meaning they are 'non profit'.
I hope you know what that means. All monies received go for the care and treatment
of the animals, not salaries.

Rescues must fill out tax reports like everyone else and be accountable for their
donations. Some people donate to rescues who have the tax exempt status as they
are able to claim as a valid exemption on their income taxes.

A true account of rescues and fees. Taking the above fees and costs into consideration,
does $200, $300 or any amount seem like rescue is making money? It just doesn't make sense to think this way.