Wednesday, July 18, 2018



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Charlie a dark S&P Miniature schnauzer is still missing.
He was last seen around 12:30 pm 3/29/2017 @ 1146 Spencer Pike Springville IN on the road heading towards Popcorn Rd.

We are still chasing any leads. It very possible he was picked up and is being held, hostage!
Times just don't add up.. Boots and Charlie were last seen togeather at 12:30 pm, and at 12:45 pm, The Beehive Horse Farm located about a mile away from my house called to say they had Boots. 

note: she had him a bit before calling, they brought him to their neighbors first, because they also have a schnauzer, Then they called home again to get our number. So that would mean it was less than 5 minutes between when Joe saw them togeather at the top of our driveway and Boots was picked up.  Most probably both were in a car and Boots was let go as less desirable.

We are offering $200 REWARD FOR  HIS SAFE RETURN!

Funds for this Campain will be used to Pay for Flyers and mailers to our area, If we get over the requested amount I may go to a larger area. 


to do 1800 households it will cost me approx  $455.00
$330 for  delivery
$125 for Printing and  ground Shipping

Funds need to be raised ASAP as it will take nearly a week to get items from the Printer. 
( If Charlie is located before these go to Print, 
all extra Funds willbe donated to Schnauzer Love Rescue. ) 




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But by now could be anywhere !!
CHARLIE is approx 3 yrs old , wearing a black nylon and chain collar, 
Docked tail, natural ears. 
he is not yet neutered,
he has an appointment scheduled,
but the first available surgery was May 3rd.

His family wants him back desperately,

 text or call 812 929 0574 or 912 398 6704