HELLO ! Welcome to SocialSchnauzer.net

I'm a little behind on posting adoptable dogs scroll down for info if you would like to help me out with posting to the forum. :) 

I am preparing to move cross country so I many not have time to go thru the shelters weekly like I normally do.

I have been updating the articles sections as time permits and will be keeping a diary of this cross country move in our civic, so that hopefully someone can read it that reconsider dumping there pets at a shelter instead of taking them with.  

This move will be with Whinny my new mouse who adopted us in September 2011, Stormy my Cat , and Austin and Fritz.

We will be leaving on June 17th early in the morning and Austin will be giving a play by play of this trip from Los Angles CA to Bloomington IN, at his Facebook page of the trip: http://www.facebook.com/austen.conley



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We have recently updated the site, but good help is always welcome!

There are now regions set up if you look to your left.






Each region has a forum for posting Schnauzers that need help in that area .  There is also a list of the pure bred rescues that serve that territory,  links to the local breed clubs and public assistance available for Vaccination clinics as well as  spay& neuter services .

Posters who can help out with Posting Adoptables in each region, need to search local Animal Controls (petharbor/petfinder) and crosspost  schnauzers and mostly schnauzer mixes you find there.

Some training will be giving for post  format. 



I'm always happy to accept articles that deal with schnauzer health, or FUN Op-Ed's.

there will be a calendar added to post events in your region.




I am looking for volunteers for socialschnauzer.net to help go by region thru petfinder and petharbor.

Sadly the petharbor pets get much less exposure, and they seem to have more of the county (kill) shelters listed, it's also a harder system to search by shelter with so it does take a little more time, although they have a nice feature that allows you to select "similar breeds" this helps with finding miss-identified schnauzers for exposure to rescue  .

I need people to help list all schnauzers and mixes, and mislabeled schnauzers on the forum.

I can't do all the  regions ALONE!, I normally end up focusing on the regions around CA,GA and IN. It takes me about an 1-2 hours to do each region thoroughly .

Template will be provided as well as basic training for formatting and using the editor .

daily or weekly posts are ok, just nothing too overwhelming since these threads are going to be in a mailer to the regional rescue groups, always keep in mind that they are doing the best they can to help as many as they can. There is enough stress without adding panic and rescues already know that there is  always a risk of euth.

If we can grow the site a bit I may switch to one thread per animal if we get into helping with transports and overnight  fostering.  But for now the focus is just find and report just the schnauzers in kill shelters, and educating the public..


There are only 2 links needed per animal posted.

Then do a single mailer to the local groups , in an organized fashion, no panicked emails.

Try to form a good relationship with the Regional  groups.

 I have most of the links and the template set up, I just need people who can go thru every other day or even weekly and create a post in the forum.

Please contact:   socialschnauzers@gmail.com  if you can help out 

I go thru every pet in a shelter , and look for breed identifiers. That's why I have those "diamonds in the rough" articles up as reference so you can see if your actually looking at a schnauzer or mostly schnauzer mix.

You are welcome to pass along other breeds to the right groups also, I do on occasion but the site is focusing on schnauzers.